Words From The Very Wise Mr. Lincoln

Donna and Abe in Portland

Yep, President Abraham Lincoln. So much to say and so little time in 3-D. Life has certainly been interesting since Mr. Lincoln and I started “hanging out”!

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These are just a couple of examples. I can’t give it all away!

Donna at Mt. Rushmore
Donna at Mt. Rushmore


Today I am seeing the clutter of your lives. The clutter that holds you back from the real “you”.  As you look to the left, your family needs you. As you look to the right, your job needs you. As you look within, you need you.  Within is the only direction right now. Find your peace within. Then you find your peace without. And the clutter that appears, be it family, job, or outside circumstances of any kind, will find you at peace with yourself. The peace that you are seeking is within you.

Only when you realize the clutter is there as a distraction for you finding peace, will you ever find peace. Clear the clutter and the peace will come. I am not saying to clear your family and your job. No, I am saying to find peace within the clutter. Find your way through the clutter of your mind that creates the outside clutter. When the “clutter” dissipates, the peace reigns. As you move through the clutter of your mind, (remember that) the mind makes clutter–it is not you. It is the clutter from your mind.

I see open expansive spaces in front of you. And family and job…whatever you choose to focus on in any moment…will be peaceful in the open space. Open space…I see it now.

Much love from this open person in non-physical.


NYC Lincoln Exhibit
NYC Lincoln Exhibit


I called on Mr. Lincoln this morning to answer a question for me.

He came very quickly.  “At your service,” he said.

I asked about the nauseousness and the spinning I’ve been feeling. It’s really not nausea anymore, but spinning. It feels different than before.

Mr. Lincoln:  This spinning that you feel, we feel it also. You see, not just only as you raise your vibration by meditation, by all those steps that you have read online, but when you do something different in your life–when you think something different in your life, when you speak a different way to others, when you feel differently–this also raises your vibration. So you don’t raise your vibration consciously sometimes, it is at these times that you do it unconsciously–that it is being done just by your way of being as you move through the day.

You don’t have to just raise your voice in song or sit in silence and meditate or go hug a tree to raise your vibration. You also do it by interacting with others. Do you understand that? Interacting with others. You have known this many, many, many years ago. You have known this.

True raising of your consciousness cannot just be found in silence. True raising of your consciousness is found in your day to day activities, your relationships, your capabilities in your world. We love watching all of this happen and again we feel the vibration up here also. As you guys vibrate higher and higher, we feel it coming. It doesn’t affect us the same way, but we feel the vibration. And that is a good thing. That is a very good thing. Continue and we will be watchful and we will be waiting and we will be anticipating.

Donna:  Thank you Mr. Lincoln.

Mr. Lincoln:  I do enjoy these words of wisdom!

My Angel, who is very happy hanging out with Mr. Lincoln in spirit world.
My Angel, who is very happy hanging out with Mr. Lincoln in spirit world.