Words From Abraham


(This is the same entity of beings that Esther Hicks channels)

Feb. 6, 2014

Abraham:  The revving up is happening. The revving up is happening. It’s like putting your foot on the gas pedal of a car and you’ve been revving the engine for so long.

You’ve been revving the engine in park for so long. You have recently put the car in drive. Yes, you see that, don’t you. Many have recently put the car in drive. Some of you are starting slowly, others have “pushed the pedal to the metal” as you say, and have just zoomed, zoom, zoom, zoom.

Get out of the way. This is the time. The speedway has opened up. May you all move safely forward on your journey. The speedway is open.

Donna:  Thank you Abraham. That was a good one. A good analogy.


Feb. 7, 2014

I’ve been thinking about how all of us are dealing differently with ascension symptoms. I decided to go to source and ask the question. Abraham was more than willing to have fun with me this morning. This is part two of our conversation.

Donna:  Can you speak why is it that some of us are handling the symptoms of Ascension easier than others?

Abraham:  Yes, Donna, I can. You see, some of you have just been on the road a little longer and it is as simple as that.  The energies that are here now are very intense and those of you that have been on the road a little bit longer are dealing with those energies softer, I will say, not easier, but softer.

Those of you that have just started on this road, that have shifted quickly we’ll say, from 3rd to 4th gear, those who have shifted quickly are feeling the energies quickly and their bodies need time to rev. Their vehicle needs time. The shifting had to happen this fast unfortunately, or fortunately!

Shifting Happens
Shifting Happens

So again, those of you that are struggling with the sensations of Ascension, know that you shifted your vehicle quickly from 3rd to 4th gear and you know what happens when you do that in a car? The car starts to buck and shake and you have to downshift again. Unfortunately, or fortunately (!), the body cannot do that. The body does not want to go back to 3rd.

Ahhhh the third dimension. The body wants to stay in the fourth, 4th gear, fourth dimension. Do you see how it is all working now? Do you see how the explanation is coming out? Do you see how easy this metaphor is? The vehicle, your car, your body. The shifting of 3rd gear to 4th gear. The shifting of 3rd dimension to 4th dimension.

Ah, Donna, I know your laughter. I feel that you don’t have to do it. I feel the surprise in you. I feel the understanding in you. And I’m glad I was able to make the connection for you. Those of you who have shifted quickly to 4th, know that we are here helping you soften the transition. Attempt not to jump out of it. Not to judge it. Just be aware and soften around the sensations. We understand. We understand.

Feb. 10, 2014

Conversation with Abraham continued:

Donna:  How about the shifting to fifth gear?

Back of Spirit Card
Back of Spirit Card

Abraham:  Yes, those of you that have already softened and have been on this road longer, your engine revving for longer, have found it easy–easier–to shift into 5th gear, fifth dimension. I know you still have some nausea, some headaches, but it is easier for you to soften around those. When you wake up in the morning and you feel nauseous, when your heart starts to pound with anxiety, you immediately now say, “I accept my path this lifetime. I accept what it is I need to do in this lifetime.”  Therein lies the difference.

So for those of you again, who are struggling with the shift from third to fourth dimension, is it possible for you to say to yourself when you have these feelings, “I accept. I accept what it is. I accept the way it is right now. I accept my shift and whatever that will bring to me today.”  It is a day-by-day thing. It is a day-by-day thing. Some of you do see into the future. That is because you do not see time as linear as we do not see it as linear in non-physical so it is easy for you to merge.

Merge!  Now we are getting into merging lanes. I do enjoy this car analogy!

Donna:  Thank you Abraham.

Abraham:  I feel honored to be here with you. Please know that.

March 13, 2014

Yesterday, Israel spoke of our “old beliefs and patterns”.  Here is Abraham’s take on releasing the old and stepping into the new:

 [Abraham]  The collapsing of the old ways.

I feel your shoulders from the weight of the old. How sometimes you hold them up, forcing the holding of the old.  As you release the tension with your exhale the old slips off.  Visualize this:  As your shoulders drop down with the exhale the old cannot stay. The old no longer has a foundation. You will no longer support the old so it slips off your shoulders.

Here me when I say:  You no longer have to hold the weight of the old. Once the old has slipped away, the new will allow you to open your heart and bring your shoulders back up and back. From there you will see the light that shines so brightly for you in this new experience–this new consciousness. No one here doubts that you all will accomplish this. We are here supporting. We are here holding you. We are here loving you.

Ask us and we shall help in any way we can. The light of this new consciousness shines upon all of you. Open the door.  Release the old. Accept the new.”