Wisdom From Israel

Finding the light.
Finding the light.

Israel is my interpreter guide. He speaks with great passion and strength.

From what I now know, my vibration has to be very high in order for me to channel the higher entities (God, Jesus, Abraham). If the person I am working with is of a high vibration, that helps tremendously. Israel has helped in the past to be an interpreter and also to take me up into the Universe and through portals. That’s fun!

2014: Israel has been guiding me through a series of meditations involving healing the world and also allowing Star Beings to “check us out.’ Stay tuned for much more from Israel.

My first experience channeling Israel and one of my very first channeling experiences EVER!

Donna:  This morning I have the feeling that there are more than one with me. There are more than one that are anxious to speak. I’m just going to start speaking and allow whoever is wanting to speak through me, to come through. So here I am speaking….

Israel:  “We are all here to join the conversation. We all wish to join the conversation.  This is a conversation that we want to have with many, many, many people.  This is the conversation that we will have many, many, many times. There will be many, many, many conversations.  Do you understand? There will be many, many conversations. There will be many stories. There will be many tales.  There will be many, many, many questions.  Do you understand?  Do you understand that there will not just be one of us, there will be many of us?  Do you understand? There will be many of us speaking.  At times there will be only one.  There will be many, many, many of us speaking.  There will be many that will come to listen.  Many, many, many that will come to listen. It will be Donna’s job to find those people. Find those venues.  We will assist in all the ways that we can.  We will assist the planning process. We will assist the people coming. We will assist that the numbers be great. We will assist in all that needs to be done behind the scenes and in front of the scenes.  We will be assisting you. There will be no need to fear. No need to worry. No need anything.  Just let it all happen. It will happen. There will be no need to worry. We will all be here working with Donna and whoever else chooses to be around her during this time.  There will be no fear. No worry. Do not worry. Do not worry.  Do not worry.  We will all be here. We will all be here. We cannot express this enough. We will all be here helping.  All of us will be helping. All of us will be helping.  All of us will be helping. There is not just one here. There are many, many, many of us. Many of us wanting to put a number, put something, put a picture, put something in the box. Many of us wanting to do that. Many of us trying. Many of us attempting. There are many of us here.  Do you understand how many there are of us here? Do you understand this whole reality, this whole non-physical.  Do you understand this? Do you understand this?

We need you to understand how many there are over here. How many of us there are. How many there will be guiding you. How many there will be guiding all of you. They are here. They are here. They all want you to come and listen. They all want you to be here with them.  They all want you to receive what they have to say. They all want you here.  Do you understand?  There are many of us here. Many of us here. There are many of us here. There are many of us here. We feel that we need to keep saying that because there are so many of us here. And we don’t believe you understand there are so many of us here.  So many of us here, they just need to ask for our guidance and assistance. We are always here waiting…waiting to assist. Waiting, waiting to guide. Waiting, waiting to nurture all your growth. We are waiting. We are here. We are waiting.

There is a lot to say. There is more to say. There is so much more to say. There will be many questions. There will be many questions.  There will be many people seeking guidance, seeking wisdom, seeking assistance. There will be many. There will be many people seeking many lessons. Seeking many, many, many words of wisdom. Words of guidance. Words of healing. Words of acknowledgement. Words of surrender.  There will be many words said. There will be many. There will be many. As many as there are here, that is as many words as there will be said. As many souls as there are here, there will be words, there will be many words.

We are all working. We are all working. We are all working on all of this. We are all working on this. We are all working. It is all as it should be. It is working. You need to do your part. There are many parts to play. Just be aware. There are many parts to play. Be aware. Be aware of all the parts that will come up. Be aware of everything you need to look at, listen to. Be…do…acknowledge.  Do be aware. There is awareness. There is a lot of it out there for you to be aware of. You just must be aware. Be aware. There is much to be aware of. There is much to be aware of.  There is much to be aware of. That word awareness. Please start speaking more of the awareness.  People must be aware. Be aware of what is happening around you. Who is around you.  All that is around you. Be aware. Be aware. Be aware. Nothing can happen without the awareness. You can just keep doing and doing and doing and doing. And not be aware of what you are doing.

Be aware of what you are doing. Be aware of the thought.  Be aware that the thought turns into more. Be aware. Be aware to stop the thought from being more. Just be aware and live your life. Live your life in awareness. Aware of those around you. Aware of the thoughts that are coming to you. Aware of everything that is around you. Be aware of what is around you. In your immediate space. Be aware of your immediate space.  Not of what’s going on in the world. Be aware of your immediate space. How you interact with the vibration. How you interact with other beings.  How you interact with those in non-physical.  Be aware of the softness. Be aware of the stillness.  Be aware. There is so much to be aware of. You will be aware.  You will be aware. Everything that is coming now to you…be aware of it. Be aware of it. Get rest. Get good food. Do your meditation.  Be aware. Be aware. Be aware of what you put in your body. What you put on your body.  Be aware.

There is awareness. There is awareness. There are many, many, many of us here that are aware of you. We are all aware of you. We all know you are there. You know now that we are here. We are here. We are here. We are here. Be aware. Be aware. Be aware. We are always here to help. We are always here to guide. We are always here to nurture.

There are many of us here. I am speaking for the many of us. I am speaking. My name is Israel. I am speaking for the many of us. I am speaking for the many of us. My name is Israel. That is all I have to say now. Remember my name. I will come often. My name is Israel.”


“There are many flashes of light in the universe right now. These flashes are sending waves to the planet and to those in physical. These waves are causing discomfort in many. Use them to do your work. Then move forward! Some of you may not even know what is changing. You will feel crappy and then feel good. And that is all. Just keep moving forward. Feel the feelings and move forward. Everyone is feeling different things. Use these waves to move forward. All is well. All is good. All is always good.”


“I am accumulating great knowledge listening. All of this has been wonderful for speaking out to help others. This is the path of knowledge. You are on the path of knowledge.  All of that which you say is helping so many.  Will help so many. You are on the path of knowledge. There is great knowledge. There is great wisdom to come out still. Many many many.. please keep having faith. Please keep accumulating what you do…you are wonderful.”

There are many coming. There are many coming. There are many coming.”

Donna:  Many in non-physical or many in physical?

“Many in physical and many in non-physical. Hold on to your hat, as you like to say. C’mon in the waters fine, I’ve heard you say. This is the moment, this is the time. This is your time, hold on…it is coming, it is coming to you. Hold on, hold on, hold on”


Donna:  Calling on Israel this morning for some wisdom. Some words of wisdom, for the people that will be reading this. For those that are looking for guidance in this day.  I’m looking for the words of wisdom.  Allow me to speak anything we need to hear today on what is going on in people’s lives…in the universe.  A lesson that we need to hear today.

Israel:  What is going on today is there is much fear.  There is fear.  Fear raining down, fear raining down.  People hide and bury their heads from the fear, but they no longer need to do that. The fear is part of their life. Acknowledge your fear.  Acknowledge your fear. Open up to the fear and move forward with that.


This morning I awoke with another headache. I know it has everything to do with the energies surrounding the 12:12 and Winter Solstice.  So I decided to ask Israel for his guidance and I didn’t remember until after this session that Israel was the PORTAL GUARDIAN of this opening!

Donna:  Israel, I’d like to check in. How are the orbs handling everything? Are we moving toward them or are they moving toward us?

Israel:  Oh, Donna. There is so much out here to look at. We as beings are so connected in all. All of this is one in our being. All of this happening is connected and rising up. The rising up is what you feel in your head…your headaches. The rising up is how you will see us. The rising up is the power. The rising up is the be all that ends all of your suffering. The rising up is. The rising up is the way. The rising up is your true purpose…all of you!  So please, know that when I say, this is your work, this is your true purpose work. This is you knowing finally who you are! Love, Israel.

I decided to google “comet ison portal opening” and this is the first site that popped up.

http://fengshuiserenity.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-next-great-portal-opening-2.html  Judith Kusel



This morning Israel was–again–at the opening of the portal and he spoke to me:

“You have come to the edge, Dear One. It is time you move through the opening. There are many like you, however you do not need to focus on that right now. This time is for you. You will fly here. You will dance here. Take the leap.”


Donna:  Israel, can you speak about the process of changing vibration and ascending out of 3-D?

Israel:  Yes…a wonderful subject! Why do you have to ask such questions…of course I want to talk. I see there is much confusion about how am I going to make it out of 3-D world. Oh my, such confusion. The way is up. The way is forward. The way is within you. What a shift you will feel when you step lightly into the 4th dimension.  You will feel something, mark my words, you will feel. Then that feeling will start an avalanche of feelings and you will just want more and more of it.  To feel that way all the time. It is possible. I can tell you that. There are many here assisting you should you want our guidance and assistance. Allow it to come and it will. Do you look skyward? Do you fantasize about other worlds, other dimensions? Well no more. It is within your reach. Your grasp. I am here telling you this. Go for it. Reach out. Reach through. Reach beyond what you believe you can find. The sky is the limit. Good one. Until next time. I am here for you.


It is I, Israel, and I am speaking to you today about distance. The distance you think you have to travel in order to “get there.”  The distance you think you have to travel in order to get there. There is the new here. You are here now. You have already gotten “there”. You swim and you swim. You struggle and you struggle to get further and further away from the you that you were. But here, you are who you are, and you are already there. So you see there is no more need to struggle. There is no more need to swim away from the you who you once were. The integration of the you then and the you now, is what you are feeling. The integration of the you then and the you now, is what you are feeling. We see your struggle. We see your fear. We see your need to move away from the you that you were. And now, we see all of you. All of you in entirety.  All of you: past, present, and future, are merging as one. That is the one you are connecting with. All of you are connecting with your one true essence. Every part of you coming together to be one; one in your own Christ Consciousness. One in your own Christ Consciousness. You see even she (Donna) feels right now, the energy around that was so large, coming into her as one. She feels it now. She feels the need to feel out. Expand out. But now all that out there is coming into her. She feels it now. All she needed to do was feel the word I said. She felt it as I spoke it.  And now it is all coming into her as her one True Consciousness. Feel the shaking? That is the energy.  Feel that beauty of lightness.  Oh yes, she feels it now. All I had to do was speak the words. As it will happen for you reading also. All I have to do is speak the words and you will feel it.

I honor this feeling time for you all. I honor it. You are true beings of light. Allow the light that is inside of you to emanate out from you so that it may reach others. I leave you now with the sense of that peace, that sense of stillness, that sense of all knowing. The love I have for you is love that is so great. Thank you for feeling. Thank you for sensing. Thank you for you.  It is I, Israel. And I so enjoy this time with you. All of you.


Beacon of Light

Jan 29, 2014

This morning, during a meditation, I began to see light entering the portal. My interpreter guide, Israel, appeared at the opening and answered my question. The following is an automatic writing with Israel.

Donna:  Israel, I see many lights moving through the portal. They are long, thin lights. Tell me about these.

Beacon of Light

Israel:  See the light. See how these lights make the darkness that once was into light now. There are many choosing to do what you are doing and here they are. You watch them. You see them now and you are part of them. Look how the universe shines with their light. They are here with you shining bright. Allow this to happen. Allow yourself to merge with them.

The vastness is now expanding with light. The light is integrating through the darkness. It had to be this way. Do you see? It had to continue like this until now. Here the light is bright. Here the light is now. It is expanding. I enjoy this job. I enjoy speaking and watching you grow. You are my light to watch over.

What a great gift and a mystery all at once.  You are joy. They are joy. All here now is joy and oneness. Oh the beauty of all of this. Oh the stillness of all of this. The love that emanates from all your light is what is causing this to be near. This to be nearer to you. All at once this is happening. You feel it. Others feel it. Speak of it now and others will open to receive it too.

You are the light of the world. You all are the light of the world. Now you are the light of the Universe. The light of the Universe. View the expanse as you once viewed the earth–your Earth. There are many more waiting to join you. Watch and wait patiently. You will soon see the others. The others are just like you in light though different in form. They are just as bright. They are shining beacons of light to join your light. Oh you will see. Oh you will enjoy and be held. The light. The light. It grows.  I am so thankful to be a part of this. Know I am here and I am there. The distance is narrowing. There is no more distance.

I remain always at your side wherever you are. My light and love of the ages to you and all of you who follow. Be the beacon of light that you are. Be the beacon of truth that you are. Be the beacon of love that you are. Signing off now.

Feb. 3, 2014


This morning’s channeled session was with Israel, my interpreter guide. I sometimes don’t know where the message is taking me until the end and this was one of those sessions. I had just ended drumming and singing and as I drifted into meditation, I saw him standing before me.

Donna:  Israel, I see you with your arms open wide in front of me.


Israel:  You have called in the light of the world, the light of this Universe and the light of all. I am here once again to usher in the light. Do you know that all is well? Do you know that all of you speaking provides the resonance through which we hear? When we hear you who speak, we hear all. We can see and hear more clearly when you speak.

The doorway opens to the others. Those who cannot travel the distance to be here. We use your airways…the ones who speak. We use your airways to reach and touch the others. Once again, the others are those who cannot reach us here in this higher place. Those of you who can speak to us and be in this higher place are the gateways. We use this trail to get to the others.

You see it is your job. It is your vision that keeps the trail open. It allows the higher beings to come in to reach the others. As you keep the doorway–the gateway–open, with your song, with your words, with your prayer, with your meditations, we can come in to reach the others. This is your mission. This is our life. As you make it your life’s mission, you allow all to be well.

You see how you are connected, you see how you are connected to us through the others. And that is an explanation of Oneness. And that is an explanation of Oneness.

Feb. 21,2014

I loved teaching heart opening poses in my yoga classes. I speak often of the “heart center”.  This is not where your heart is, but right in the center of your chest. In class we practiced leading with the heart, we were fully supported in Fish Pose and we chanted as our hearts opened. But what really is the key to opening your heart to receive?

Of course, loving yourself, first and foremost. That’s a given. And then once you do love yourself, what then? Is there another step to allow love to enter? To accept love into your heart? My interpreter guide, Israel, spoke this morning about new ways to open your heart.

Open Your Heart
Open Your Heart

Israel:  New ways to open your heart I see. New ways to lift your heart to the heavens. New ways to lead with your heart.  New ways to leave your head behind and lead with your heart. New ways to open the vessel of your heart. See it also as a way to channel all the energies of the Universe through your heart. As you open and as you draw your heart center forward, cracks appear.

Cracks appear in the wall that you have built for so many years to protect your heart. I am here to say the cracks now have caused a seeping in of energies. The cracks you have made in the wall that surrounds your heart, have now allowed for a seeping of energy to come through. A new way to view the opening of your heart. For not only does energy seep out of you, energy now seeps into your heart. And only as your heart remains open will these energies penetrate your being, your true being.  You will allow your true being to accept these energies.

Feel the energies as light waves coming into your heart center. We now send energies into your heart center through the cracks and the cracks widen for many of you. For many of you the cracks are split wide open and you wonder to yourself, “How can it be possible that I love even more?”

Not just love even more but accept love fully. Accept love into you as much as you give it forth. You have learned to give forth, now it is your time to accept love. For you truly deserve it. For you truly live it. For you truly are it. Love. The love of your heart. The love of your whole being. I am here to tell you. I am here to support the love entering you.

The allowing has been the difficult part for you. Now you allow. You’ve seen it. You’ve experienced love entering your heart center. For those of you who feel right now the love entering your heart center. I want. I need  I feel the acceptance. I feel your acceptance.

Feel the light energies as they enter your heart center. Feel the light energies. You may feel it as a tingling down your arms. That is all a part of your heart center. Open the arms. Open the hands wide to receive and so it is. And so it shall be, from this moment forward. The energies of love. Giving as well as receiving. Remember, giving as well as receiving. For you are now open. You are now open to receive.

May 14, 2014

“I think we are all getting caught up in ‘our bodies are all one.’ It is not our bodies that are all one. It is our consciousness that is all one. Ah, yes, now you see. This “stream of consciousness” that Donna sees above her, is the stream of everyone’s consciousness. It is not just a consciousness up there that we want you to jump into. It is your stream of consciousness and your stream of consciousness and your stream of consciousness.  Everyone’s is [part of] the same [consciousness]. But you spend so much time out of the stream of consciousness. Please be in it. Be in it to feel everyone from the beginning–from the beginning.

So what does that mean? That means you are [what you name as] God, you are God, you are God and you are God. You are all God. That means that you are Jesus, you are Jesus, you are Jesus. That means that you are Buddha. And yes, you are all of the negative aspects of personalities also, but again, in the stream of consciousness, not in your physical bodies.  These physical bodies are not reality. We are all one in the stream of consciousness. Once you get in it you will see that. You will gain access to so much knowledge, so much awareness and you will understand more and more.

I invite you into your stream of consciousness.  “Your” is not just single here, “your” is infinite.

Look up. Jump in and ride it. Become one with all that has come before you and all that you are. For as Walter [Donna’s mentor] said, “We are everybody that we’ve ever been.” Your soul that has reincarnated so many times, is a part of you. All of those souls in those lifetimes are you, the soul that is in you right now. I am in you. My soul is part of the stream of consciousness also, and when you get into it and when you raise your vibration that high…that’s how we connect. That’s how Donna connects. In the stream of consciousness. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the swim…all with grace and ease.

Until we meet again.”

July, 2014

Israel and Jerry collaborated for this message on the art of deception. They both showed up for it and wanted equal credit.  :)

“Oh the tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…OURSELVES! Never mind what you think others are doing to you or what you are doing to others. Stop deceiving yourselves! Today is the beginning of time for you. Today is the first day of your life. Today is the day.

You will now begin to understand and know what your heart is taking on in this lifetime. You have been protecting your heart from the outside forces. We know that the forces you protect your heart against are inside of you. You perceive others and how they bang up against your wall wanting to get in. When the true one who is knocking is YOU!

Knocking to be released.  Knocking for you to understand that it wants your love–not the love of others. There is nothing to prove. There is nothing to gain. Love is a state of mind. Love is a state of being. Open your heart to yourself. Open your heart to whatever it is that you are going through now. It is not caused by us (spirit) or by others. You are experiencing you. And now you ask–can I love me? Can I see myself for who I am? Can I love me?”

7.20, 2014

Israel’s message during a session with B.

“I see you trying to become your physical body in this Oneness. It’s a hologram. Back and forth, back and forth. The only trueness, the only realness is this vast space and what you perceive as stars. Your physical body does not exist up here.  You’re ready to know that. You’re ready to see that and feel just that. There is a difference between being here and being One here. Do you understand that?”