The Great Masters



Magnolia buds

“You think you do not have abundance. You think you need abundance. Look around you. Look around you for abundance. Abundantly we say to you, you have all you need. Look around you. You have all you need.

Everything you have right here in this moment is what you are supposed to have, is what you have come to have. It is where your life has led you and now you will be in this moment of abundance. As you look to future abundance, you come out of present abundance. Take one moment. Take two moments. Take many moments today to give thanks–to be grateful for your abundance.

As we stand here and watch you, we see abundance. We see your love. We see the abundance of love. There is always an abundance of love. We love you and our wish today is for you to feel the love–the abundant love of self. The abundant love of self. Allow your love to surround you, to enfold you. Allow this abundant love to hold you in its grasp every moment of every day. Abundant love is within your grasp.”


The Oneness Of Being



Go forth wise and true Beings.

Go forth into the light, into the stream of Oneness.

We have been waiting for you.

Go into the light.

Shine your light.

We are here to join you.

We are all the Ones.

We are all infinite beings in this Oneness.

Feel the love.

Feel the light.

Feel the Oneness of all.

Sit with us.

Sit a while with us.

Sit until you feel this is the only place you want to be.

Dance with us.

Dance with the light shining from us.

Dance until you cannot dance anymore.

May all the love that you emanate come back to you.

May all the love that you can muster be seen for all to see.

May we all join in the Oneness of Being.

September 11, 2014



I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Seek. Seek and you shall find.

I see so many of you not seeking. I see you waiting. I see you waiting for it to come to you. Seek it out.

It does not mean that you need to believe everything that you find in your seeking. It is the act of seeking which allows–the act of seeking. It is an intention of your seeking.

Why do you sit and wait? Fear not the open door. I’ll give you this one. The door is open. Do you see it? You no longer have to open it yourself. The door is open. Everything that you thought, everything that you now think, is available to you. Stop the waiting–start the seeking.

It will not come to you. You must begin your search. I see little footsteps. Step harder onto the earth. Walk through the door. Feel the support of all of those who have come before you. That support will now be your BEING. Accept the support. But again, first, you must do the seeking.

Begin your walk. A walk on a path that is clear now because of those that have come before you. There is much gratitude for those that have come before you. “Yes, yes, yes”, she says as she nods her head.

I see an open path. Do you not see it also? You see how it waits for you? I see you standing there, seemingly in shadow. But we see you and we call you forth. All of us here call you forth. Seek and you shall find. We are here. We are here. We are here.


 Dreams And What They Symbolize

TGM: You have many interpretations of your dreams. There are many interpretations of your dreams. Sometimes a dream is first a dream. Something that you want to do, something that you have been longing for–for a very long time. Get it? Joke. The pieces that resonate with you, you should throw out. It’s the pieces that make you sad or frustrated or tearful or leave you questioning that you should be thinking about. Analyzing. So in reference to your dreams this morning Donna, we had a lot of that feeling of yours to release. We were releasing it for you. Each dream you walked through it differently but the same tone was present. Correct?

Donna: Yes, I felt that. I felt more present by the last dream also. I felt I was walking though the dream looking for the message.

TGM: That’s it! Dreams have messages, but we get caught up in their tone, when the tone isn’t the message, it’s the pathway to the message.

Donna: Love that one!

TGM: So now, here you are sitting and thinking about the dreams. What comes up most for you?

Donna: I don’t want to feel separate from these people. Even though they are getting it for themselves now and sharing all the knowledge that I know, I don’t want to think that they don’t need me or that I don’t need them anymore. I don’t want to feel separate from them. Just walk away, ya know?

TGM: I do understand that. And we don’t want you to either. There’s the message. You assume–and that is what makes you sad–that if they “get it”, that they don’t need you or that you are “done” with your work. You are not. Because they now get it, they are now a part of you. They have agreed to the “I am that We Are” theory you read about the other day. The separateness is gone. Even the small child in the dream didn’t need you anymore, he understood you turned on for him where he needed to go and he is grateful. But you don’t see that part.

Donna: I do now. As you were speaking, I was remembering his smile when he said, “No, I don’t want to go with you.”



This morning’s channeled message came from The Great Masters. As I was meditating with my guides, their presence in the room made everyone turn around and pay attention. It was a wonderful moment as they came through and spoke about our Spirit Light.
Finding Your Light“Your spirit–your spirit that sparks who you are. This spark of your spirit is what is guiding you to your true self.

Donna just spoke of the ‘love we have’ and her wishes for everyone to find their true purpose here and that begins with love. Love sparks your spirit and when your spirit becomes alive it lightens you–not just body, mind, and spirit, but your soul lightens to feel, to hear, and to sense the other souls around you–souls that are not just in this physical world, but in non-physical also. Spark the light of who you truly are. Spark the light of your spirit. It is within you wanting to grow, wanting to be nurtured, wanting to be recognized.

See the spirit as a pinpoint of light in your deep belly—the deep center of your core. And as you love yourself, as you love all that comes to you, however you define it. And we ask you not to define it. As you love every piece, every person that comes to you, that spark of your spirit grows. Watch it now. See it now. Watch it grow. As you smile it grows. A simple smile allows your spirit to grow. A nod of the head, an acknowledgement with your eyes, allows your spirit to grow. The breath, yes the breath Donna, allows the spirit to grow. Allows you to acknowledge who you truly are. Brings you closer and closer to who you truly are. Until you allow that bright light of spirit to shine, those around you cannot see. We here in spirit cannot help until you allow us to. And when we see your spirit light shining brighter, we see who you truly are because YOU have seen who you truly are.

So come out. Crack the shell of the outer being. Crack the shell of who you think you are and become who you know you truly are. Open up to your spirit light.”



The Light You See


The light you see when your eyes are open or your eyes are closed is a reflection. It is a reflection of the brightness in you. It is a reflection of the light in you. Do not be surprised anymore for what you see is actually who you are. Believe, know, and understand–what you see is what you are. It is no longer outside of you, it is no longer beyond your reach, it is within you. Look for the light in you. Look for the light as a reflection of you.



I channeled this message after a drumming session. I felt my body, no not my body, my soul vibrating. And I wondered what this new feeling was.

And the Great Masters spoke:

Making the Connection


We are speaking to you.

We are not speaking to your ears. You will not hear us through your ears

We speak to your soul.

We speak to the vibration of your soul.

This soul who you truly are.

When we ask you to listen, we do not ask you to use your ears.

We ask you to use the vibration of your soul.

To feel the vibration of your soul you must be still. There must be silence.

It does not have to be in the outer world, this silence, but it is inside the silence and the stillness of your soul.

And when you go into that silence–into that stillness of your soul, the vibration of your soul–you will feel it.

You will feel your physical body in a sense of vibration.

And as the soul vibrates, the physical body no longer exists.

And you are only a soul and energy.

You are this energy–that is when you combine, seek out, and connect with other souls, other beings of energy, either around you or around a galaxy, or out into the Universe.

We see you and we speak through the vibration.

Throw away this physical body, the form that you are in, and experience your soul.

And as you walk through the day in your perceived physical body, you walk through the day in your soul as your soul.

We will speak to the vibration of your soul.

Raise your vibration. Raise your soul, just as you would raise your hand.

And we will speak.

You will hear. Not just us, but many of us here.

We look forward to seeing you and speaking to you.

From my soul, from the vibration of my soul to your soul, that is when we become OUR soul.

We are One.

We are the Universe.