St. Catherine of Siena Shares


A year ago (Oct 2013), I was told I was going to channel a female Ascended Master. The medium giving me this message could not tell me who that was going to be.

In May of 2014, during a group card circle reading with Rev Hoyt Robinette, St Catherine came through. The card below is from that night also. This was an interesting night to say the least. Normally you ask one question and your guides or Hoyt’s guides will answer that question. This night, my question was not answered. St. Catherine took the main stage, so to speak, and told me exactly what I needed to hear according to her! She told me I would be continuing her message and that we would work together to do that. You can read more here.

Since then I have been playing with raising my vibration in order to receive her messages.

Stay tuned for more!!!

This is my first channeled message from St. Catherine.

St Catherine of SienaSt Catherine of Siena

The light shines on your face. The light of God shines on your face. Its brightness bounces off you to all; to all around you and to all outside of the perimeter of where you are. It shines through what you call the veil. It shines through the curtain. The light of God shines on your face.

Yes, from the beginning of time. Yes, from the very beginning. He showed us love. And we made up fear. Those of us who did not believe we were worthy, made up fear. Remember the love that you started from. Remember the love that was given you and there will be no more fear.

For this is just the beginning. For these are my first words. Remember the love. I am not that far away. Your fear keeps me at a distance. We will work together. We will work together to find full love in your heart again. I bow to you and the work you and all of you are doing. It comes at a time of great importance and I come to this time of great importance also.

Thank you for your willingness. Thank you for your love.