Messages From Blue Cloud

Blue CloudBlue Cloud is my Protector Guide.

Always present, always loving me.



“Surrender to the deepest and darkest part of you and there you will find the light of who you truly are. In that moment you will have the opportunity to accept. You will have the opportunity to grow beyond your limitations. In that deepest, darkest moment, you will surrender. For in that moment there is nothing else but you–every part of you. You will surrender. You will bow down and you will surrender. When you feel it overcome you, you will be grateful and you will rise up and you will look up and you will see. You will see all of us around you who guide you and protect you. But you held yourself so closed. You held yourself so closed off from us—from Spirit. We have been knocking, but we were not told to enter.

We have come to all these places with you, but we are not allowed to speak. After the surrender, you will hear. After the surrender, Spirit will speak. Allow us to enter. Allow us to open you fully to who you truly are. Together…together we will join. Together we will all become One.

You all have guides. Open the door for them. They stand for you. They stand with you. When you acknowledge that which is already inside of you, you will see clearly that which is outside. Outside, just beside you. For we have been here all along. We have waited. We have been very patient. We know this is YOUR time and we are excited for you. We wait for the excitement to build inside of you. For we love and honor you.

As the love comes out of you toward us, the bond grows. It grows deeper. The connection grow. We love the time that you sit in silence and chat with us, be it five minutes or twenty minutes. There is no time for us. So you see, that does not matter. We are so close to all of you. All of you have your own guides. Just like me. Protecting  Ask for the protection and we will walk together in whatever you do. You will be protected.

I honor your light. I honor your presence. I honor your whole being. I send you love from all of us here around you. And we hold you just as you hold you in your own heart.

May there be peace among all of you.”