Message From Dr. Vilicki

Dr. VilickiDr. Vilicki is my Dr. Teacher Guide. He has a very long beard and is….IMHO…a rather stout spirit.

I always look forward to his messages! He adds laughter and lightness to my work.

Dr. Vilicki here speaking about the swirling energies. The swirling energies that are happening all over. Swirling energies of light and swirling energies of dark. They used to be separate. Now, as they come together, we feel vibration. Vibration happening not in us, but around us, as these swirling energies come together…collide you might say. But it is a meaningful collision, the light and the dark. A meaningful collision, these light and dark swirling energies. They have come together because they are drawn together. Where as before they were separate energies, now they come together. Swirling energies of light and dark.

I have spoke of this once before. The feeling you experience right now, the head–not a congestion but head pressure–are the energies joining around you. If any of you out there also feel head pressure, popping, neck popping, ear popping, the light and dark energies that have always been present are now combining. It is not necessary to say right now what this all means, just know that it is happening. It is happening. The light and the dark energies combining.

It is good. Do not fear and do not worry. It is for the greater good. All of you that are lifted up in vibration at all times are feeling this more. For you are right next to these colliding energies. You are on the same level of these colliding energies. So you will be feeling the results of their combination. The dark being absorbed by the light you see. At first it will be grey and then it will become all clear, all light. There are still dark energies floating by but they are smaller.

Your high vibration allows this to happen. The high vibration of you and others, many others, allow this to happen. We are sorry for the physical sensations you feel. It will last a while longer. Just know what you are holding space for is very important. What you are holding space for is urgent. Is of great need and is very powerful. Hold the space.