Jesus Spoke and I Listened


Channeled message from Jesus

St. Catherine and Jesus

And when the heavens opened you realized it was right in front of you. It was in front of you all the time.

Heaven here on Earth. Heaven all around you. Heaven.

And when the veil spread, and when the curtain opened, and when the light came through—the light that has always been there, has always been there for you—you realized there was no curtain, there was no veil. Heaven was right there with you all the time. The heaven on Earth.  The heaven that you seek. The Heaven that is all that is, is here with you now; has always been with you

Close your eyes to see. Open your eyes and feel. It is around you. It is within. It is without.

May the peace of all that is, may the peace of all that is me, be with you.