In Jerry’s Words

Jerry Hicks
Jerry Hicks

The following are conscious channeled sessions between Donna (in physical) and Jerry Hicks (in non-physical)


Donna:  Jerry I’d like to ask what your wisdom is on those who are suffering right now. Those who are not dealing so well with the ascension process.  Those whom this era of energy waves coming are up against their deepest challenges. What do you have to say..what can you say about those that are struggling right now and how they can step into the next phase of this ascension process, how they can be a part of this next phase without feeling left out? Without feeling like they really want to move forward but something still is holding them attached to this three dimensional reality?

Jerry:  Ok, so that’s a great question. I myself have dealt with many of these things that these beings, now in physical, are experiencing. I too have felt like I was left behind at times. I too felt like I wasn’t moving forward, like there was something I was doing to stop myself. When in actuality, all I had to do was just surrender to what was happening, to accept what was happening and allow myself to just move forward at that point.

I kept holding onto the patterns that I was going through. The patterns I had been experiencing my whole life, when I could’ve just said…OK, this is how it is and I accept this and now it’s time to move on from this pattern. So seeing it for what it is…a pattern. Seeing it for what you have made it…a pattern. Because that’s easy, that’s been happening over and over and over again to you.

But look, now is the time to move forward. Now is the time to move forward. Now is THE time to move forward. So all of these patterns that you have…saying to yourself…this is a pattern. This is not something I choose to deal with anymore in this physical body. I choose to move forward from this pattern. I choose to move forward in my ascension.

The “I AM” statements. The positive affirmations. The acknowledgement of what it is. And then moving forward.

Again, I have been through this many times. Many, many, many times. But now, you…all of you…have the extra added benefit of what is happening in the universe. These forces, these waves, these waves of energy, these forces of light are giving you the extra umph, the extra strength, the extra power to move forward. So use it.

So when the stuff comes up…yep it’s gonna come up, it’s gonna come up, it’s gonna come up…when you have that, use the power that is coming to you. Because if you’re feeling these waves, if you are feeling physical discomfort because of these waves, whether it’s sleep, or anxiety, or confusion or brain fog. These are your moments, these are the extra push you need. When before it was just you, now you have the universe and all the other human beings who are going up the ascension to help you. Use them. Use them. Use them. Use them. I’m always here. Be well.

Jerry Hicks1.7.2013
Prior to a meetup group

Donna:   Jerry, I’d like to ask about how I can speak out more. Literally my voice.  The sound, the loudness. What is that called? How I can….I want to record and I’m not loud enough. I need to speak louder…not clearer…louder. That’s my it still an emotional thing..something I still need to work on? Literally, figuratively…Or it just takes more practice.

Jerry:  Yes I believe it’s just practice. You are doing wonderfully. Just keep doing this. Keep practicing, keep recording it if that still works for you and then you’ll be able to see how your voice is changing. You’re already noticing your voice is changing. Meaning…you…when you said yesterday you don’t remember, or when you listen to it, it’s different. Those are all signs. Those are all signs. Those are all signs.

So this is what you are doing. Today, today, today you are learning to speak clearer, louder in everything you are doing. How’s that?  So that will…you are already doing that…that will already see it manifest in this channeling.

So yes, all this is good. All this is good. I am having still a great time, you are having a great time. More people are coming to have a great time. And tonight, yes, yes, yes, yes. All is well. I will be right there with you. Israel will be right there with you. Abraham is always there. Have no fear, have no fear, have no fear. Find great joy and pleasure in telling your stories and everybody will get what they are supposed to get. All is good. All is well. All is always well. Thanks, talk to ya later.



Donna:  Jerry do you have any words regarding fear?  As Archangel Israel has brought up the fear that is raining down on many people.

Jerry:  I am here, here I am. I see the fear. I feel the fear here. I feel your fear. I ask that you hold your fear and release it. Hold your fear. Acknowledge your fear and then release it. The more you attach to your fear and the holding…the more you attach to it…the more it will stay. I’m not talking about attaching–I’m talking about acknowledging it and then releasing it.

It is here. It is always here. Fear is always here with you. It is a piece of you just as the dark and the light is. So move forward even though you have fear. Move forward. I am always here for you.

2.23.13  An automatic writing session with Jerry.

Hi Jerry! What’s up today? Anything you can share about anything going on in the universe or anything my readers might want to know about?

Hey there Donna….love you and I think you are beginning to finally see and hear that. Hahahaha. There is still a lot of movement in the universe and most people are feeling it in ways that some can explain and some cannot explain.

For the ones that are choosing to listen to what is going on, the shifting is very powerful. I am working with all of you that are choosing to take this time and grow. I feel your resistance in some of you and I also try to find something for you to hang on to during this time. Some good. Some way to grow with what you have and what you know. Hang in there everybody. The ride just got started and there’s a heck of a lot more to come!


Where Are You Going?

Jerry Hicks:

“Where are you going to?”

You ask yourself this question, “Where am I going?”

I am telling you, you are going to the great unknown. However, the great unknown is not unknown to you. The great unknown is a knowing thing. You have always known where you are going.

You will now re-member where you are going–where you have meant to be in this lifetime. I ask you to open and receive all of the knowing that your Higher Self sends you on a daily basis. As you re-member the stream flows–the stream of consciousness that we have spoken of to you. As you re-member more and more, you know more and more. It is not just a knowing, it turns into an experience.

When you experience, the knowing happens. You cannot know until you experience. All of you who sit and wait and wait for it to come…you must go to it. Right now, right here, experience the knowing.

As you sit in contemplation, as you sit in silence and feel, I ask you to feel the experience of nothingness. When you feel the experience of nothingness, you will be there. When you feel the silence you will know you are there. You went there. You in the silence and now in the silence, in the nothingness, so shall it be.

The experiences will come because you have invited them in. When you move with speed throughout your day, when you fill your day with many doings, it cannot; it cannot come. But here you are in the nothingness and in the nothingness is the allowing. Sit in silence. Sit in nothingness. Sit in be-ing-ness. And as you are being with all that is, you have become a part of all that is–the great I AM Presence. You are now in the great I AM presence.

We await your arrival. We await you joining us.

Until we meet once again.  Jerry

July, 2014

Israel and Jerry collaborated for this message on the art of deception. They both showed up for it and wanted equal credit.  :)

“Oh the tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…OURSELVES!  Never mind what you think others are doing to you or what you are doing to others.  Stop deceiving yourselves!  Today is the beginning of time for you.  Today is the first day of your life.  Today is the day.

You will now begin to understand and know what your heart is taking on in this lifetime.  You have been protecting your heart from the outside forces.  We know that the forces you protect your heart against are inside of you.  You perceive others and how they bang up against your wall wanting to get in.  When the true one who is knocking is YOU!

Knocking to be released.  Knocking for you to understand that it wants your love–not the love of others.  There is nothing to prove.  There is nothing to gain.  Love is a state of mind.  Love is a state of being.  Open your heart to yourself.  Open your heart to whatever it is that you are going through now.  It is not caused by us (spirit) or by others.  You are experiencing you.  And now you ask–can I love me?  Can I see myself for who I am?  Can I love me?”