Channeled Words From Spirit

11821814_1625592747713234_1496076407_nOver the last 4 years, I’ve been a clear channel for spirit. I’ve worked really hard developing the ability to remove myself from the equation and allow spirit to come through.

These messages are conscious channelings. When I channel I am present and alert, allowing spirit to use my voice as their channel. We have an agreement. I set it up that way. It wasn’t the way I originally wanted it to play out. I had thought, at the beginning, that I wanted to be in a full trance…how else would people believe me? Well, I came to learn that spirit had other plans for me. I was meant to do my OWN work around all of this and, when that was done, I was going to be alert. There are times when I am the moderator, I am me, and I am whoever I am channeling, all at the same time. It’s not crowded at all in my head! You get used to it. The more I stayed out of it, the easier it became.

The words and the message were always for me first and then, once I worked through my own ‘stuff’ around the message, it was time to share it with others.

Enjoy these samples of some messages from spirit.