Words For The Path

Donna at sunset, FLAYoga taught me to be in the present moment and living food taught me to acknowledge what was there.

I bring you these simple words to honor you on your path of faith.  Donna

“Much of participating in the healing process of another person involves bearing witness. There are other factors, but acknowledging the feelings, needs and life path of another person is often the most effective way to help speed their process. I think the reason is because so much of what we suffer in life is lack of acknowledgement and affirmation from our early caregivers. It is never too late to have your life affirmed, acknowledged and respected. While it’s not possible to make up exactly for what was lost, listen carefully as people around you remind you of what you already know, and remember it’s all you need”


Fear brings illusions
Illusions bring doubts
Doubts bring confusion
Confusion brings fear.
Thus the cycle of darkness regenerates itself.
Peace brings stillness
Stillness brings knowing
Knowing brings truth
Truth brings freedom
Freedom brings joy
Joy brings love
Love brings peace