About Donna

Lincoln in Portland
Donna with Abe in Portland, OR

 I am a *Mystic Medium, **Conscious Channel,
Interdimensional Warrior, Spiritual Teacher, and Animal Communicator.  My readings are healing for the soul and my group events can take you to a new layer of your own spiritual evolution with a simple word or message. I am also a yoga and meditation teacher, bringing another level of vibration to all of my work with spirit.
You can call me a cobbler–I mend souls.

My gifts became evident after Jerry Hicks appeared to me from the non-physical realm in March of 2012 (I had no idea who he was when he first appeared to me). Since then I have been on the fast track and having a joyful time with Spirit. It was later on that I came to the realization I spoke to spirit as a child.

I connect, on any given day and whenever the spirit moves me, with Jerry Hicks, Abraham (the entity that Esther Hicks channels), my inner band Spirit Guides, President Abraham Lincoln, Metatron, The Great Masters, Israel (my interpreter guide), Rabbi Isaac Luria and St. Catherine…to name a few.

During a reading I will communicate with my guides and your guides to remind you why you have chosen to be here (The answer is in you, we help coax it out). A past life or a loved one that has passed into non-physical, may give you some clues about your purpose in this lifetime. This information can be used to move forward and expand your consciousness or it may help you deal with any “challenges” that could be holding you back from your soul’s true purpose-your True Self. You may receive validation for events in your life as well as make connections to past events that are affecting your life now.

Every reading is different. Spirit runs the show and they write a pretty good script! I ask that you come with an open heart and open to receive. Clients come back for additional readings as they evolve and do the ‘work.’

You will always get what you need. Are you ready?

*Mystic: a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.
**Conscious Channeling: A form of mediumship where the channel maintains conscious presence but agrees to allow expression of truths or images originating from another entity to come through his/her physical body.


I am NOT a Dr., nor do I play one on TV.  If you are having a serious health challenge, please see whatever brand of Dr. you choose or I can help you locate one.  Any advice or direction I give is meant purely for your support and growth.  Nothing I prescribe or advise has been evaluated by the FDA or any medical profession.

I practice what I preach and that’s how I know it works.
I don’t just do it…I feel it!
I don’t just believe it…I KNOW it!


Living on Live Food:
Level One, Alissa Cohen, 2006
Level One Certified, 2005
Postural Restoration – Postural Restoration Institute:
Postural Respiration, 2005
Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration, 2006
Certified Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher:
Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Janice Clarfield, 2004
Certified Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Teacher:
Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, Basic Certification
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, 2001
Seminary and Mediumship Development:                                                             Camp Chesterfield. Chesterfield, Indiana 2013-2014



Yoga:  The Union of Body, Mind and Spirit.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 15 years. I have certifications in Kripalu Yoga, Meditation, Postural Restoration, Kid’s Yoga and Pre Natal Yoga. After receiving my certification, I participated and assisted in numerous yoga workshops and spiritual growth programs. Since owning my own yoga studio in Vermont, I have been teaching yoga and meditation classes for all ages, from babies to seniors.

What I’ve come to learn:

  • When people stop listening, you need to stop talking.
  • It’s not about what you could’ve or should’ve done. It’s about what are you going to do NOW.
  • It’s also not about what the other person did, but again, what you are going to do NOW.
  • There is something to learn in every situation, every person and every moment.
  • Work can be fun and you can make money having fun.
  • People CAN change
  • Food in your life can be important….Life in your food is essential.
  • “Instinct guided creatures, left to themselves, do not make mistakes” (ok, so Anne Wigmore’s Grandmother said that one and my brother, Michael, taught me that one).
  • To trust my intuition
  • To live with intention
  • A cat can teach you unconditional love
  • You don’t always have to be an “A” student
  • You don’t have to sit in Lotus to meditate
  • People come into your life for a reason….and they leave for a reason too.
  • You can live without a TV in your bedroom. Who knew?
  • It will happen when it happens

“If you do not communicate to the people you are serving what you have to offer them and how you can improve, better or even change their lives, then you are doing them the ultimate disservice.”
– Author Unknown