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This journey we call ‘life’ has certainly presented its challenges and growth opportunities for me to ponder. Since receiving what I thought was my first spirit sighting back in 2012, my path has been clearly marked–all I had to do was keep walking. My spirit guides have continually showed me the way when I was tempted to stray. And when my mind was shouting, “Why me?” they gave me the answer.

As of this moment I can truly say, “Thank You.” Everything and everyone in my life has been a blessing–sometimes in disguise, but always accepted with love. I look forward to the rest of this journey with eager anticipation.

Feel free to look around and you are always welcome to contact me. I love questions and I love any discussions regarding this ‘shift of soul consciousness.’

I offer in-person private and group readings, along with some very cool classes and events. Get a group of your friends together and experience a full weekend of spiritual development!

SKYPE, FaceTime and phone sessions are also available.

My passion this lifetime is to support the current shift of soul consciousness. My teaching and channeling are centered on helping others align with their true Self. I have certifications in yoga, meditation, mediumship, Reiki and living food.

Be sure to check out my blog and follow me on social media. There’s always interesting present moment reminders and great quotes from my guides in non-physical. I recently started a YouTube channel and my videos are a great way to get to know me and what drives my passion. Looking forward, I am writing a YA Novel and a book on channeled conversations with Abraham Lincoln and Jerry Hicks and also a book/card deck with guided visualizations. Get on my email list to receive updates. Also, check out my blogs in Spanish!

“…The human body is self-re-generating and self-cleaning and…to improve the physical body, you must also work on the mental and spiritual.”   Author Unknown

I look forward to connecting with you on so many levels!  Namaste.

In service with Spirit,
Donna Boyle, Cobbler and Interdimensional Traveler
“Mending souls one reading at a time.”

“Speak your truth to pave a path of learning for other souls to follow, yet always accept their right to choose their own path.”
~Author Unknown

Donna at Yellowstone Lake 
Donna is a Mystic Medium, Conscious Channel, Spiritual Teacher, and Yoga and Meditation Teacher.
561.371.3267 or DBoyleMedium@Gmail.com

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